The Sri Lankan Kitchen


Course Date: 12/11/2019

This course includes lunch

Tuesday 12th November 2019

10.00 am - 2.00 pm

The ever popular Sri Lankan kitchen is back.

 Sri-Lankan cuisine is very different from all types of Indian food. It is a cuisine that is not commonly understood or cooked in the UK. It is much fresher and lighter than some curries we are used to here. Romilla will teach you how to cook and prepare sambals, chutneys, vegetable and meat dishes and use the diverse spices that Sri-Lanka is well known for to blend your own curry powder.

Romilla was born in Sri-Lanka and learnt her love of cooking English and Sri-Lankan food from her mother, also a keen cook and advocate of home cooking. Later Romilla was inspired to write cookbooks (What's for Dinner? and What's for Dinner? Second Helpings) and start the Food Education Trust to promote the joys of cooking from scratch.

Max 8 people.  All abilities welcomed.  Pictures for display purpose only.

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