Living Well Masterclass


Course Date: 24/09/2019

Lunch is included with this course

Tuesday 24th September

11 am - 3 pm

Janette has run her own successful fitness company for 20 years. Besides coaching as a British triathlon coach, running overseas training holidays and UK retreats, Janette is a motivational speaker sharing her story of suffering 2 strokes, Graves disease and losing her ability to speak for a number of months to then setting goals and winning international medals for GB in triathlon. She also has won Sports Woman of the Year award in 2014. She works with companies to help them develop skills on resilience, dealing with adversity, goal setting, reducing stress and overall health and wellness coaching. She also works as a mentor for a pro racing female cycling team.

Her knowledge of health and well-being is excellent and she presents in a way that is informative but relaxed and comfortable for all to learn, develop and ask questions too. 

Come and join Janette for a 4 hour masterclass with lunch provided by Honesty kitchens. Over the course of the day you will look at simple nutritional changes, lifestyle hacks and how to make improvements in your overall health and wellness. Among the many tools on offer, Janette will help you to complete a 'wheel of life' demonstrating balances and imbalances in key parts of your life.

The course will cover stress, mindset, diet and well being.

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