In a pickle! - postponed until further notice


Course Date: 08/07/2020

Lunch is included with this course

Wednesday 8th July 2020

10.00 am - 2.30 pm

We are delighted to welcome back Jennifer Williams of award winning company, Naked Jam to run a pickling course for us. Jennifer is a font of all knowledge when it comes to preserving and conserving of any kind.  As well as running her artisan jam company Jennifer's work has led her to collaborations with top chefs, both in her capacity as forager and producer of conserves. She comes from a long line of conserve producers dating back to the 1800's and brings a wealth of recipes, ideas and tips that have been handed down through the generations, as well as her own innovative ideas.

There has been a recent surge in appetite for old fashioned preserving and cooking, seeing not only retro dishes coming back into fashion but homemade chutney and pickles. Pickles are a brilliant way to use the season’s bounty and liven up your lunch time, dress your cold platters, be it cheese or meats, and perk up your salad. Once you start to pickle you will want to pickle everything!  Clearly food never goes out of fashion.

So what can we pickle? Well almost anything. July is peak season for most of the UK fruits and vegetables and we will have a wealth of produce to choose from when learning how to spice and use vinegars to enhance your vegetables. Jennifer is currently working on developing pickles with spices with flavour profiles from around the world.

All abilities welcome.    Maximum 8 people.